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Indian Prairie Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian Goats and CNC Miniature Horses

For Sale

Indian Prairie Salted Carmel

S: Old Mountain Farm James Robert

D: Blythmoor Almond Cookie

Reservation Information and Sales Policy for 2016 – Please Read Before Inquiring About Our Goats

If you would like to get first choice of any kid of a certain breeding please send me an email and you will be placed on the waiting list for that kid.  It runs on a first come first serve basis.  So if someone reserves a kid before you on a particular breeding, they have priority over your reservation.  Please refer to breeding’s by the names of the pair when inquiring.  We do not require a deposit, but you need to be serious about the eventual purchase and let me know if there are any changes that may arise.  We expect the kids to go quickly so if you see a breeding you’re interested in let me know.  We will try to meet everyone’s needs, but sometimes there are just not enough kids to go around, that’s why I recommend reserving specific kids from certain breeding’s before they’re snatched up.  Indain Prairie has the right to retain any kid born.  I intend to have first choice of all kids born but I will do my best to fulfill everyone's kid reservations to the best of my ability. 

Once a kid is born I will send out email notification in order of reservations.  You will have four days to respond and give me a yes or no if you want the kid.  If I get no response by four days, your reservation is automatically cancelled.  If you don’t want the kid it will go to the next person in line or be placed for sale.  If you do want the kid we require a $100 deposit to hold any single kid.  At that point we will write up and send two contracts one for you to sign and send back and the other for you to keep.   Please be aware that once a kid is sold, the sale is final.  No kids are to be returned or replaced for any reason.  If an agreement for replacement/return has been made it will be by Indian Prairie choice not the buyer’s

Prices/Sales info:

All does & in-tact bucks will be sold with American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) registration paperwork unless noted otherwise.

In-tact bucklings prices= $250+ w/ registration paperwork. Buck kids born that are to my standards of breeding quality will be available as in-tact bucks until approximately 6 weeks of age. If no reservations are pending by that time, they may then be offered as wethers (castrated bucks) for pets/companion animals. $100 non-refundable deposit will reserve your already born buckling until weaning at 8 weeks of age. Additional $10/week will be charged for each week after weaning that the goat isn't picked up & brought to it's new home, unless prior arrangements are made.

Wether (castrated bucks) prices: $75-$125 each--Discounts on multiple wether purchases. Deposits are non-refundable

Doe prices= $300+ with registration paperwork. $100 non-refundable deposit will reserve your already born doeling or milk goat until weaning time when kids are 8 weeks of age. Additional $10/week will be charged for each week after weaning that the goat isn't picked up & brought to it's new home, unless prior arrangements are made.

All kids will be disbudded within the first 2 weeks of life (horn buds burned off). Even though the goats are disbudded, occasionally--especially with the bucks--they can develop scurs & sometimes a horn can even still grow. We will disbud a 2nd time if growth appears but can not guarantee 100% that there won't be growth but we will do our best to prevent it. We also vaccinate our herd on a regular basis & deworm when needed.  Buyer will be responsible for any travel paperwork needed (health certificate, etc..).